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Fees and Frequently Asked Questions


Each 50-minute counselling session costs £55. 

  • Where do you work?
    I am based at the Humber Therapy Centre in Beeston, Nottingham. These rooms are easily accessible from Chilwell, Lenton, Bramcote, Long Eaton, West Bridgford and Wollaton. There is a tram stop and bus routes nearby and parking is available at the centre. I am also a Level One Certified Online and Telephone Counsellor and am therefore able to work online or by phone with anyone in the UK.
  • What hours do you work?
    I currently work during the daytimes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I work during Nottinghamshire term times.
  • What kind of therapy do you practice?
    I am a Person-Centred Experiential therapist. This approach trusts you, the client, to be the person most able to find a way forward with whatever is currently challenging you. My role is to work to create a safe space so that you are able to do this. In order to do this I aim to: – listen to your situation with empathy and understanding – be honest and open about my experience of what you bring – be fully accepting and valuing of you as a person More information about this approach can be found in this Introduction to Person-Centred Counselling and I am very happy to answer any questions you might have if you contact me.
  • What will happen in our sessions?
    This will be a little different for every person I work with and I will be led by what feels right for you. My aim is to create a time when you feel safe and able to work out how you wish to use your sessions. I am happy to discuss what you would like to happen but I am equally happy for you to just bring whatever comes to your mind on the day. There is no agenda from me apart from being alongside you wherever you are. This is also something we can explore in the free 30 minute introductory session.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This is entirely up to you, some people find one session is enough and others wish to work more long term. I am happy to work to a set number of sessions or to work without a specific end date until you decide you’re ready to finish.
  • What happens if we don't 'click'?
    Feeling comfortable with the person you’re working with is very important in therapy and it’s very important to me that you find someone that you feel happy working with. I offer a free 30 minute chat so that we can meet and I would encourage you to speak to a few therapists so you can find someone that feels right for you. If during our time together you decide the relationship isn’t working for you then I’d encourage you to let me know so we can maybe work out what isn’t feeling right. If you do prefer to move on then I’ll be happy to offer guidance on where to find a new therapist, if you wish.
  • How much do you expect me to share in the sessions?
    Starting therapy can be a big leap and there may be things you wish to talk about that you’ve never spoken openly about to anyone else before. I have no expectations for what you need to share in your sessions and you will be firmly in the driving seat at all times.
  • What about confidentiality?
    I will keep the content of our sessions confidential, unless I think there is a serious risk of harm to you or to others or if I am legally required to do otherwise. These legal exceptions include drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering or if I’m asked to speak in a court case. I would always aim to speak to you first before contacting anybody else so we can work through any concerns together. In order to support our work together, I may also share some aspects of our work with my supervisor. They are also bound by the same confidentiality as I am and I will keep any personal details that I share to the absolute minimum.
  • How do I know I can trust you?
    In early sessions with a new client my aim is always to create a safe space and build trust. I believe that this trust is something I need to earn by me demonstrating my acceptance of you as a person, using the principles of the person-centred approach to therapy. Alongside this I am an accredited registered member of the National Counselling Society (membership number NCS20-02331) and agree to follow their code of ethics and am bound by their complaints policy at all times. This membership requires that I qualified at a recognised institution and keep up to date with continuing professional development and monthly supervision.
  • How accessible are your rooms?
    I am based in the Humber Therapy Centre in Beeston. The centre is on the ground floor with a flat entrance, disabled toilet facilities and all rooms are wheelchair accessible. If you have particular needs to enable you to access our sessions then you are very welcome to contact me or the centre to find out how we can best meet them.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    If you would like to make an appointment you can email me at or phone or text me on 07873 450095. I also have a form on the contact page of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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